Package Safety
Some of you have been asking about the safety of packages from China because of the Coronavirus outbreak. To assure you there's no risk of getting the virus from packages, here are some facts published by the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and major news outlets like CNN, Fox News and the BBC.
Are packages from coronavirus-hit China safe to handle?

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About 2019-nCoV
All of our packages and warehouses are rigorously disinfected several times daily using hospital standards. Our employees also get daily checkups by medical professionals. So your packages are totally safe.
Here's a video we made which explains why it's absolutely safe to receive packages from China.
We hope the info provided here answers your questions about the safety of packages from SHEIN. Should you have more questions or concerns,please don't hesitate to contact us through Ticket.  We will do our best to respond ASAP.